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A car for a business stay in Poland – what is worth knowing?

Poland is one of the key points on the business map of Central Europe.

Everyone who comes here for business wants the trip to be efficiently organised and all sorts of meetings are the most important part of it. This is why an appropriate car is worth having. How and where to rent it?

Business stay in Poland – why rent a car?

Among other things, modern transport services include short-, medium- and long-term car rental in Poland. In the case of business stays, a car is usually needed for a few days, which means short-term rental. This solution is useful for a few important reasons. Firstly, it saves time and money. Formalities for renting a car are not complicated and an important thing is that they can be dealt with online. Various cars are available so catering to specific preferences is not a problem. What is more, having a car at your disposal is hugely convenient.

Business stay in Poland – how and where to rent a car?

In preparation for a business stay in Poland, it is worth thinking about renting a car. A car can be reserved through the form available on the iPanek car rental website. Note: the page is available in Polish and in English. A valid driving license is necessary. You provide the date and time of the car collection and return on the form and the collection and return locations do not need to be the same. Rental outlets belonging to iPanek can be found in the vicinity of airports among other things so that you can collect your car as soon as you come to Poland. Additionally, rental outlets are located not only in Poland but also in places such as Prague, Kaunas or Vilnius. During the booking process, the customer selects a car that suits them and the nature of the stay best. All cars are well equipped, insured and fully prepared for driving.

There are many cars of different brands and standards for rent. There is also the possibility of long-term rental, for a month or even longer. Therefore, if you are planning a long stay in Poland, you can rent a car on slightly different terms than in the case of short-term rental.

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