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A Prague Itinerary for the Busy Traveller

Prague is a city full of history, beauty, and culture. Whether you’re looking to explore the cobblestone streets of Old Town or relax in one of its many parks, there’s something here for everyone. If you only have three days to spend in this amazing city, check out this itinerary that will make the most of your time.

Day 1: Explore the Old Town

Start your day with a stroll through Old Town. This area has been around since the 9th century, so take some time to admire the gothic architecture and explore the winding cobblestone streets. Make sure to check out Prague Castle and Charles Bridge – both are must-sees during your visit. Head to Wenceslas Square for lively nightlife and delicious Czech food in the evening.

Day 2: Discover Jewish History

Spend your second day in Prague exploring its rich Jewish history. Start by visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery, where you’ll discover centuries-old gravestones and learn about how Prague’s Jewish population was affected by World War II. Then head over to Old-New Synagogue, which is considered to be Europe’s oldest active synagogue. Finally, end your day with a visit to Pinkas Synagogue, which houses memorials dedicated to victims of Nazi concentration camps.

Day 3: Get Outdoors

On your last day in Prague, take some time outdoors and enjoy nature. Head over to Stromovka Park for some tranquil strolls along its lush tree-lined paths – it’s also an excellent spot for birdwatching. Afterward, move on to Letna Park, where you can find an incredible view of the city from its hilltop beer garden. And don’t forget Petrin Hill – it offers stunning views of Prague Castle and is home to a mini Eiffel Tower replica.


Other Instagram-worthy places to visit

There are many instagram-worthy sights to see in Prague, which include the Lennon Wall, the Dancing House, Astronomical Clock, Vltava River, and Petrin Hill.

Lennon Wall

Located in the Malá Strana city neighborhood, this vibrant wall pays homage to John Lennon with graffiti and vibrant artwork depicting the musician and related peace messages. The wall serves as a powerful reminder of free speech – it was first painted in the 1980s by youth protesting against the Czech government’s oppressive communist rule. Today, visitors come far and wide to snap selfies amidst this kaleidoscopic backdrop, with couples often seeing it as an especially romantic place for photos.

Astronomical Clock

Located in Prague’s Old Town Square, the clock dates back to 1410 and still serves as one of the oldest operating astronomical clocks in the world. The intricate design of this remarkable timepiece includes ancient brass figures depicting Christ and apostles who emerge from each side of the clock at the strike of every hour. This is one stop you won’t want to miss.

Petrin Hill

The Petrin Hill area is home to a tower that looks remarkably like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition, this 60-meter-high structure offers stunning views of Prague’s skyline and many rivers. Don’t forget to catch the sunset from here – it’s one of the best spots in town!


Prague is an incredible city full of history and culture – there’s so much for visitors to see and do. With this three-day itinerary in mind, you’ll be able to make the most out of your brief visit while still having plenty of time left over for relaxation. So go ahead – start planning that trip today. You won’t regret it!


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