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Best time of the year to visit Hawaii

There comes a time when we all need to take a break from our regular days’ schedules. Could be going to school or working; it is always necessary to break the monotony of doing the same thing day in day out. Other times people go for vacations to bond. There are many places you can consider for your vacation deals based on a couple of fundamental factors which include:

  • The activities you would like to engage in.
  • The cost of airlines, accommodation, and other services in general.
  • Weather conditions that suit you best.
  • The likelihood of the occurrence of natural calamities.
James Kealoha Beach
James Kealoha Beach

Hawaii being an island is one of the best places to consider for your vacation deals. Different exciting activities go on at various times of the year. In each season, there are events that are going on. My point is, Hawaii is the best place to visit if you purpose to have the best vacation ever. Before booking your flight there, you should do a quick online search to find out the prevailing weather conditions and the activities running at that time. You should also check if the accommodation and other services suit you. Below is an overview of the activities as per the different weather conditions that come with the seasons in Hawaii. This is just what you need to know before you can book your vacation.


Unlike other seasons, summer is the best time of the year to go for vacation. In Hawaii, summer occurs from June through August. This is when temperatures are highest, and humidity is high. Surfing is at its lowest. However, swimming and basking on the warm beaches are at peak. Accommodation and rental rates are also low. There is a lot of traveling to Hawaii within these months since children are out of school. As a result, the cost of airlines is quite high. Again, if you are looking for a less crowded place for your vacation deals, this is not the best time for you to plan for a holiday in Hawaii. There is a risk of occurrence of hurricanes which can be destructive.

Kauai napali-coast
Kauai Napali Coast


This is when there is rainfall in Hawaii, and the trade winds are increasing to their winter levels. Flooding occurs in some places. The rains at this period dominate the Windward coast and Mauka. Storms, which include Kona storms and Tropical storms, develop at around this time. The Kona storms affect the Kona coast. Other than causing headaches, they bring about torrential rains, heavy winds, snowing and lightning. During this period there is less traveling to Hawaii due to adverse weather conditions. This could be the best time to make a vacation deal there if that weather suits you since airlines are cheap and the accommodation and rental rates are low.

Maui, Haleakala Crater
Maui, Haleakala Crater


Winter in Hawaii occurs before the Christmas season. Christmas being the best time for families reunion, Hawaii is the place for that vacation. Swimming over this period can be hard since the temperatures are low. However, you can play in the snow and swim in the warm ocean water. Surfing is at its peak in Maui and Oahu. This is also the whale watching season. The whales travel from Alaska to mate, calve and birth their ones in the shallow waters of Maui. The accommodation and rental rates are high. The occupancy is also high. I suppose that this is the best time to make a vacation deal to Hawaii.

Maui, Mokapu beach
Maui, Mokapu beach

So when should you book your vacation deals?

Whatever you fancy, be it rolling on a skate boat on cotton-white snow or chasing waves on one, taking a deep in the calm blue waters or even sunbathing on the sandy beaches, Hawaii has got it all for you. You just have to plan your holiday carefully so that you go at the time of the year when it is peak season for your preferred activity. I like to say that all Hawaii vacation deals are tailored to specific revelers. All you have to do is to make your pick.

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