How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Sea View Property In Malaysia?

Batu Ferringhi

Real estate market along the seafront, in the visible perimeter of the sea is just a matter of selection in Malaysia. Property developers and builders are quick to tap into the potential market with so many resources and inputs pouring in. Being a popular vacation destination and also a gateway into the South-east Asian regions, temporary stays are as common as well as permanent residency. The state doesn’t hesitate to exploit the fanciful taste of the expats and takes complete advantage of the area of interest: Sea view properties.

Rents for all purposes and fitting all pockets

Based on the purpose of your rental stay, short-term or long-term properties can be easily obtained with rates as low as RM 1000 per month to the highest rental prices, probably not related to any maximum capped values. The cost of renting varies with the type of property such as villas, condos, apartments, semi-detached houses, and the associated amenities. The lavishness and urbanization of the place and the season of the visit also influence the rent. Let’s carry out an approximate analysis of the rental charges in three of the most popular places with Sea View Property For Rent in Malaysia:

George Town: The capital city of Penang can never be low in demand. Even if it is to rent properties in the middle of the city with a single room, the demand stays high. Affordability, is definitely a concern, however, properties are still conveniently available. For a fully furnished detached house with 5 bedrooms located alongside the beach becomes quite pricy with a monthly rental of above RM 35,000.  At the same time, you might also be lucky enough to get a single bedroom detached house with almost all the amenities and ocean view at a rent under RM 1000.


Port Dickson: A coastal town on the western coast, you can rent out a property for a day or for an entire season. If a two-bedroom, furnished house costs you around RM 200 for a night, a two-bedroom apartment located on the brim of the port will cost RM 8000 or more on a long-term basis. If you plan to cut down on certain amenities, except for the sea view, the rates go much lower.

Port Dickson

Batu Ferringhi: Again, a Penang Island beach marvel, as a visitor or a resident can get hold of any property with a majestic view of the ocean because the coastal town thrives on residential diversities. A fully furnished condo with 3 bedrooms and all modern amenities comes in an affordable range of RM 2000 and a 5-bedroom detached house easily goes above RM 30000.

Batu Ferringhi beach

Your hit list for properties on rent having a beachfront or a sea view will never dry out of tempting choices. With Penang easily topping the availability of rental properties located either on the beach or having a sea view in the closest vicinity, we can look into the cost ranges in specific locations in the Malaysian coastline.

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