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How to seriously reduce the cost of international travel (and make it easier!)

To help you with you get the lowest priced flights, the best accommodation and travel gadgets that will change your life, we have put together this list of companies that you need to know about!  Forget about the dramas of low availability and over priced hotels, this guide will help you solve all of the problems that travelling brings up…


For the lowest airfares

Sometimes you know where you want to go and that’s great as it’s so much easier to find a good deal – but sometimes you aren’t sure and this could mean you spending a huge amount of time researching.  Instead, you can look for flights according to your budget using  You can also look at the costs of flights on a month view so you can select the best days for you to travel at the lowest possible prices. You can also set up price alters so when you have decided where you want to go you can get an alert when the price drops.  Skyscanner scans the prices of a huge amount of airlines, even many budget airlines, so you can find low cost flights to any destination with minimum fuss.


For cool and affordable places to stay

Get better and more comprehensive choices for accommodation by booking with . Wimdu offers a huge range if accommodation with all the mod cons of home; rent an apartment, room, farmhouse, treehouse,  or whole house practically anywhere in the world.  Keep in mind that this site only provides you with options of apartments, guest houses, holiday homes, and others but does not include hotels.  This alternative accommodation site means you can stay centrally for much less.  Wimdu is especially great over busy seasons as there is always availability.


For eliminating all your problems

Travel accessories can actually save you fortune on your trip – if you need to use your phone while you are away or your hotel doesn’t have free Wi-Fi (or does but it’s so slow it’s impossible to use) then having a WorldSIM International SIM card or portable pocket Wi-Fi device means you can stay connected worldwide without roaming charges. WorldSIM also have a great selection for gadgets for holidays like action cameras, virtual reality headsets and smartwatches that you can put your SIM card inside. Take a look at all WorldSIM’s travel accessories.


For ensuring your postcards arrive before you do

Even if you are just going away for a few days you can ensure your postcard arrives home before you do.  Simply take a photo of you enjoying your holiday and download the Touchnote app.  You can then send your personalized postcode anywhere in the world, really cheaply and as it’s personalized the recipient will love it. The postcard arrives with your chosen image and message looking just like a postcard you would buy in a shop but better as it’s got your face on it.


For last minute needs

Did you forget something while planning for your overseas trip and you don’t have the time to purchase something? You might have to wait for several days if you order your requirements through online stores, which is not feasible since you will be on the flight by the time the courier person comes to deliver your order. Have no fear – you can order online at and collect at the airport. This means airport security won’t make you hand over any liquids over 100ml as you collect all your toiletries after you passed security.  Get perfume, baby products and baby food, make up, prescriptions and all your holiday miniatures.


For getting around

Reaching your destination is easier than finding transportation from the destination airport to the hotel, especially when you reach late at night, and have not opted for a car rental service (they are quite costly if you plan to hire their services only for traveling from the airport to the hotel). To get the lowest rates on taxis download the Uber app and you can book and track your taxi wherever you travel to. The app will display the fare in your currency too. Pay the sum displayed and book your cab for a hassle free travel to your hotel.


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