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Must See Attractions in Zurich, Switzerland

In how many movies or shows have you seen this beautiful town of Switzerland? For me, I don’t even remember the number. Well, I introduce to you the most beloved tourist destination in Switzerland, that is, Zurich. For people who want to spend some most enjoyable time during their hard-earned holidays, Zurich promises to be among the best ones in Europe, which never fails to satisfy its visitors. The today’s bustling city full of life was once a monopoly area of religious faithfulness and an upholder of global finance.

For people who love walking and trailing, there is good news for them – Zurich is a paradise for the pedestrians. In fact, there is no other ideal way to discover the energetic city center except for walking, biking, and riding trams that is the most well-organized and exciting medium.


So, for some time, let’s be like a self-gratifying visitor for whom Zurich is a hot favorite weekend hideaway for shopping, dining, art, and theaters. This will make us understand the meaning of the new catchphrase of Zurich – ‘Explore it, Adore it’!

Zurich offers a number of different accommodations from inexpensive youth hostels to luxury hotels. Perhaps, renting an apartment in Zurich city center is your best option for discovering the city within weekend holidays and if you are visiting Zurich on a budget.

Prime Attractions in Zurich

You will not believe that the city is much more known for its vibrating environment rather than its sightseeing and excursions. So, the best way to meet the city is to walk that will make you see all around rather than getting stuck at a particular sight! Do so in the central areas of the city.

Zurich Grossmunster

My first target was the Grossmünster Cathedral of the 12th century that is located on the east bank of the Limmat River. This is one of the historical landmarks in the city as it was the foundation of the Swiss Reformation movement initiated by Huldrych Zwingli. From mid-March to October, the major excitement for the visitors here is to ascend the church tower to have some breathtaking views of the city between 9:15 am to 5 pm.

In the same area across the river, revere a great art in form of the 13th century church named Fraumünster. It actually stands on the sight where once a convent was built. Its artistic attraction is the five huge stained-glass windows of 1967 designed by the 80-year-old Mark Chagall. The timings to view this lovely edifice are Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Further, just close to this, wonder at the largest clock tower of the continent located at the end of the quaint Augustinergasse. This giant art piece is the tower of St. Peters Kirche that extends 8.7 m. To the north and upwards to the lane, the Lindenhof Park is where you can relax in the green shade and have some good views around.


Now, it was the time to visit some great Zurich museums out of a total of 50. In these galleries, you can find items related to art, design, history, and industry. So, among all the museums, the Zürich Art Museum and the Swiss National Museum are a must to visit. The Zürich Art Museum, Kunsthaus Zürich, is the home of Italian and Dutch paintings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries including rotating and temporary exhibits. It is located on the east bank at Am Heimplatz 1. You can visit it from Tuesday to Thursday between 10 am to 9 pm, whereas on Friday to Sunday, the timings are 10 am to 5 pm.

The Swiss National Museum, Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, is within a mock-up castle within which there is a great collection of old and religious art, historical Swiss robes, traditional interior design, and military history. There is also a big, water-bounded park amid the Limmat and Sihl rivers. The museum’s timings are from Tuesday through Sunday – 11 am -7 pm.

For shopping, the city is very very famous among the tourists and the shopping districts starts from north to south. Bahnhofstrasse is the most popular upscale shopping avenue in Switzerland. There are many banks, boutiques, and fine chocolate shops. The entire street is lined by the lime trees and Lamborghini. Next, go to the east from this street and you will be at Schipfe on the west bank of the Limmat River. This is the quaint riverside district. Stroll on the labyrinth of steep paved lanes that take you via the historical mansions, which are now antique shops, book dealers, and art outlets.

For some low-cost clothing, costume jewelry, and tattoos; come to the east bank of the Limmat River. I am talking about the Dörfli district that is quite famous also for dining and dancing. Next, the Schweizer Heimatwerk, the Swiss Handicrafts Store, is famous for its high crafts belonging to many different parts of Switzerland. With a branch in each shopping area, you can visit it at the Hauptbahnhof, in old town in Rennweg, or in Bahnhofstrasse 2.

Adventure fans are also offered much here by the tourism department. People excited for boating can go for the boat tours including meals, which starts from Bürkliplatz at the southern end of Bahnhofstrasse. Alternatively, ferries also ensure round-trips after taking on an exciting journey around the lake. If you are looking for boat rentals, they are available to the west of Bürkliplatz and at lakeshore of Mythenquai. Hiking trails take you to the forested hills stretching at the south and west of Zürich. Train tour is accessible from the main station for a 20-minute memorable ride to Uetliberg after every 30 minutes.

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