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Santa Monica

One of the most common reasons for tourists to visit Santa Monica is the wonderful Southern California beach. Santa Monica has a stretch of nearly 3.5 miles of well-preserved beach locations. It receives more than 340 days of sunshine annually. The ocean breeze is gentle and soothing.

Some of the popular activities at Santa Monica beach include cycling and beach volleyball. The site is commonly used for movie shoots. The people of the area are vibrant and full of life. Due to the pristine nature of the beach, travelers throng this area in large numbers.

Santa Monica Beach is endowed with many qualities. It is an asset of California. The city cleans and rakes the sand on a daily basis. It also offers ‘trash valet’ on Fridays and weekends. Not to mention the holiday season. There are well-equipped lifeguard stations. The lifeguards are well-trained and are present during the daylight hours. The lifeguard headquarters at the beach provides 24-hour help for all 365 days of the year.

Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach

Some of the popular activities to indulge in while at Santa Monica include swimming, surfing, biking, volleyball, and fishing.

Santa Monica Pier, which is a phenomenon, offers tremendous entertainment opportunities. The dining and shopping facilities are state-of-the-art and world-class. The rides of Pacific Park will give you a thrill that is unparalleled. Santa Monica is also home to the historic, 1922 Carousel and an aquarium that is interactive. Go strolling along the planks of the Pier. Enjoy wonderful street performances by musicians and artists. Do not miss the street vendors and the splendid sunsets along the coast of California.

Parking is limited to the Pier Deck and the Beachfront. It is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking for short intervals is also available.

You have to shell out a lot for parking in Santa Monica because of the jogging and cycling tracks, Pacific Park amusements located at Santa Monica Pier, and shopping area that have three themes. There are in excess of 20 historic buildings that adorn Santa Monica. It is not easy to come across vacant stretches of land in such a popular area. Therefore, patience is of utmost significance. This will ensure that your vacation is full of fun and high spirits.

Pacific Park is situated on Colorado Boulevard and Ocean Avenue. Travelers do not have to pay for entrance to the park. However, you will have to pay for games and rides. The park is open on all days of the week.