San Diego downtown

San Diego Tourist Attractions

This article is dedicated to my second visit of this beautiful city because all San Diego tourist attractions are not possible to cover in one go – they are that vast! As from my first visit’s experience, I could make out that this family-friendly city has something to offer for each visitor irrespective of his […]

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San Francisco

Main Attractions in San Francisco

This ‘Golden Gate City’ has been among the top U.S.A tourist destinations since many years. With an irresistible sightseeing trip to some exciting activities as a part of exploring the main attractions in San Francisco, the entire tour of the city with its surroundings is quite fascinating. Not taking much of your time in the […]

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Georgia Aquarium

Aquariums: Best Places for Summer, Family, and Affordable Fun

Is the heat getting to you? Do you want to enjoy yourself outside of the house, but out of sun? Thinking, I wish there was really a way? Well, there is a way with the number two spot on our list of the best places for summer, family and affordable fun: Aquariums!

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Lake Tahoe

3 Great Lakes to Visit in California

Lake Shasta With temperatures averaging in the mid 90′s throughout the summer months, Lake Shasta is a great place for a water sports filled vacation. Lake Shasta gives tourists the option to RV, tent camp, Houseboat, or stay in a cabin. Spend your days boating, skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or just relaxing the day away while […]

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Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park: Where all diverse creatures come together

When I first saw the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, it seems as if it is not only the home of recreation, fine arts, science, and culture; but is also where tourists as humans, flora, fauna, and climate dwell in harmony. Yes, this was something to be felt, not something to be described in words! […]

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Venice beach

Venice Beach

Venice Beach has been traditionally known as a getaway for those who are creative and artistic. The 1950s and 1960s witnessed Venice as a hub for the Beat generation. Poetry and art flourished freely. Some of the leading luminaries included Stuart Perkoff, Frank Rios, John Thomas, Lawrence Lipton, John Hagg, and Tony Scibella.

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Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica

One of the most common reasons for tourists to visit Santa Monica is the wonderful Southern California beach. Santa Monica has a stretch of nearly 3.5 miles of well-preserved beach locations. It receives more than 340 days of sunshine annually. The ocean breeze is gentle and soothing.

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Yosemite National Park California

Yosemite National Park comprises a vast range of wildlands. They were set aside in the year 1890 in order to preserve a section of the Sierra Nevada mountainous range. This range stretches along the eastern flank of California. The park is situated 2000 feet over sea level. It rises to more than 13000 feet and […]

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