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Ten Practical Tips for Successful Apartment Hunting in Siem Reap

Finding an apartment for rent in Siem Reap is no rocket science. But if you want to get the best possible deal, you need to know a thing or more about how things are done in this part of Cambodia.

To that end, we’ve made a list of ten practical tips that can turn your apartment hunting in Siem Reap a success.

#10 There is a wide selection of apartments

There are affordable one-room apartments that can be rented for just $150 per month located on the outskirts of the city to modern apartments in the center that can be rented for ten times that, $1500 per month.

#9 There is a bigger selection during the low monsoonal season

Thing is during that period most NGOs, archaeologists, and many others skip town. Tenants are more flexible during this period, and the rates are somewhat lower. During this period, it’s even possible to sign a lease that is shorter than six months.

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#8 After signing the lease, tenants are asked to make a deposit and pay for one or two months in advance.

That’s a typical scenario that comes with every lease. The size of the deposit can vary and often can be negotiated between the landlord and tenant.

#7 Everything can be negotiated

Starting from the lease, the monthly rent, the size of the deposit, and everything in between. Landlords won’t shy away from the negotiation and don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s pretty much part of their culture, and you need to embrace it if you want to reach a good deal.

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#6 In case of a dispute, don’t rely on local courts

Most tenants and landlord disputes are solved out of court. When this happens, the dispute is resolved with the help of a mediator.

#5 The tenant pays the utility bills

Typically utility bills are not part of the rental fee. Instead, the tenant needs to take care of them every month.

#4 Make sure that you end up renting from a good landlords

Cambodian laws don’t deal much with rental disputes, and those that are on this matter are not well-defined. That means lawyers can interpret them one or another way. Therefore, the best course of action is not to get into disputes with your landlord. When checking out an apartment, make sure that you take a measure of your landlord. If he or she seems like a decent and understanding person, great. If not, move on to the next one.

#3 Make sure that you are in a quiet area

You don’t want to end up renting a place over a night club or some mini-factory where people work in shifts. Furthermore, you don’t want to be too close to the main street where things don’t get quiet until late in the night.

siem reap apartment

#2 Talk to the neighbors before renting the place

Neighbors matter no matter where you go. Knock on your door and ask them questions about living there, about the neighborhood, and stuff about the apartment you want to rent. Sometimes they can provide you unique insights into what it takes to live there.

#1 The lease contract matters most

As mentioned earlier, in case of a dispute, you will most likely need to go to a mediator to help you resolve it. When that happens, your lease is the single most important piece of paper. The clauses added there would determine who is right and who is in the wrong.

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