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The Best Drinks for Beach Holidays

These drinks are also perfect for an afternoon in your own backyard. You want to get into the right state of mind and it can all happen with the perfect cocktail.



This is Brazil’s official cocktail made with cachaca or sugar cane rum and a lime and some brown sugar. If you cannot find sugar cane rum nearby, ask your liquor store to order it. The drink is not the same without it. It has become more readily available in the US in the past 10 years making the drink much more popular. If possible, use the Pitu brand. This is the closest to the one used in Rio.

The Cape Codder

This is one of the most popular beach drinks in the US owing to the region it is named after where cranberries, the drink’s base, are most plentiful. There are some who would call this drink a vodka cranberry because that’s basically all the drink contains. Enjoy in proportions that you decide on.

The Painkiller

This is a drink that makes its way along most beaches in the Virgin Islands. It was made most famous at the small island of Jost Van Dyke in British VI. The original was first mixed at the Soggy Dollar Bar, a bar where people would jump off boats and swim up to it with soggy dollars to use to buy the drink. The proportions are up to you because the real Painkiller blend is a secret.

Moscow Mule

This famous drink was developed in Hollywood at the Cock N Bull in the 1940s. The owner could not get the cases of Smirnoff he had to sell to move so he whipped up this drink using lots of ginger beer. Suddenly, the Moscow Mule started hauling itself into the mouths of thirsty patrons.

Moscow Mule

Killer Bee

The Island of Nevis in the Caribbean is home to the bar Sunshines Beach Bar. Sunshine is the master who created this delicious drink. It is so popular that the patrons from the Four Seasons next door flock to this otherwise casual bar to enjoy this rum punch. You will not find the exact recipe anywhere as it is a secret, but you can whip up a close version by visiting

Planters Punch

Another Caribbean delight is one you have to have during a Jamaican vacation. The rum drink is believed to have started off at the Planters Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. Wherever it really comes from, it now comes in a variety of different mixes. All of them contain one common ingredient and that is good rum!


A staple of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, this drink is served at just about every meal. It is often taken in a shot glass but it is meant to be savored sip by sip. It can also make a great beach drink when it is poured over ice and mixed with tonic water. Purchase this delectable drink at most any liquor store.


The Dark and Stormy

Don’t make this one without Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. This is the national drink of the island of Bermuda and couldn’t be easier to make. If you cannot drink it on the beach, you will certainly feel as if you are on a beach when you take your first sip.

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